Voting in schools

Online voting in schools classroom

Choice Voting provides a simple to use platform for teachers wishing to provide a modern online platform that allows students to vote in a private and secure manner. Teachers or school administrators have full control and overview of the voting platform, and decide who can vote, when voting is open, and the details of each…

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Election Candidates online voting setup

Hide a Candidate from an online election

Did you know that you may hide a candidate from a live election for any period of time with a choice voting Election? This is really useful for situations where you may need to impose a time penalty on a candidate, or they may have removed themselves from the election process. Its easy to deal…

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What Is Choice Voting?

Online Election software

Choice Voting is an online voting platform available for Schools, Students’ Unions, universities and business. We provide a secure platform to enable you to create and manage secure voting portals for your membership. Choice voting allows your voters to use any device in any location, removing location barriers to voting, helping to increase your overall…

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