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Choice Voting began with a humble start over 20 years ago, and has grown into a simple to use, very powerful online voting software used by a wide range of organisation types.

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Choice Voting began from a neccessity for democracy.

Many years ago, our core team worked with Students' Unions in the UK and experienced the frustrations of poor voter turnout, lack of communication and voter involvement for remote campuses with very little in the way of joined up opportunity to vote. A "committee" meeting suggested that Online voting should be considered as a way to solve these problems, and after two weeks development a beta version of what was to become Choice Voting was born

The internet was a different place 20 years ago, yet the overwhelming success of using online voting as a method to engage the student population was clear.

The original core team decided to continue the development of Choice Voting, adding new features over the years. but keeping to the original aim of increasing voter engagement, with a new policy of make it simple enough for anyone to understand and use.

With the current online election software and services we provide, our continued intention is to offer an election platform that is both cost effective and accessable to not only large organisations elections, but also the thousands of smaller charities and volunteer groups to ensure they offer their membership an easy to understand platform for voting.