Powerful Features built for a Seamless Election Experience.

See whats inside when you choose Choice Voting for your next Online Election.

Voter Experience

Voter Email Notifications.

Voters recieve a customisable email at the start of your election, informing them what the election is about, and a simple one click login to vote.

Vote Anywhere.

Voters can vote on any device, anywhere they happen to be, simple voting at it's best.

Voter Authentication.

Each voter has unique personalised login details. Our Authentication methods create an encrypted key & ID combination for each voter you add to your election.

Nothing to install.

Everything works in your web browser, there is no software to download or install.

Simple To Understand.

With a simple interface, and helpful tips as you build your election, Choice Voting is designed to be simple for anyone to use and understand.

Automatic Login.

Make life easy for voters, enable the automatic login function, as soon as a voter click the invitation link, they will be automatically logged in.

Election Auditing

One vote per voter.

Your members can only vote once, as soon as they submit a ballot, the vote is locked in.

Real Time Analytics.

Watch voter engagement in real-time with our helpful graphs and totaliser information.

Full Administrator Audit logging.

Log and record every action taken by your election administrator, Every change, every link clicked, every candidate change - all of it is recorded for scrutiny.

Real Time Statistics.

Watch the progress of your election in real time, check which voters have voted, or see how your positions are performing during your election.

Full breakdown of votes.

Download a PDF of your election results, with round by round details, view any transfers or exhausted ballots in an STV election.

See Who voted.

Real-time graphs show which of your members have voted - or not - you may filter those that haven't voted and send a reminder to take part.


Your Brand Image.

Keep your own brand in front of your voters, uploading a logo that will display on ballot forms.

Fully Customised Messaging.

Add your own custom essage, or logo, any details you wish, these will appear on voter invitiation and reminder emails.

Custom descriptions.

Ensure your voters have a full understanding of your election, and the process by creating a customer description, and rules, which will display for all voters.

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