Online Voting Features
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    Run multiple elections at the same time

    Include voters in one, all, or a combination of elections all running at the same time.

    Candidate Withdrawal

    If necessary, you can remove a candidate from the ballot once voting has ended and recalculate the results accordingly

    Locked Candidates

    Lock candidates from being selected in a vote for a specified time and date period.

    Locked Positions

    Positions can be open to all voters or locked to specific voters. 

    The Count/Results

    The counting procedure conforms to the Electoral Reform Society’s ‘ERS97’ Single Transferable Vote guidelines and deals with multiple RON candidates.

    Beautiful results

    See your election results Round By Round

    Election results are easy to read, and come with a PDF download of the full vote results, vote spread, and vote numbers - Round by Round

    Multiple Overlapping Elections

    You can run several elections independently of each other, even simultaneously, or even group a set of elections together with a single point of login for your voters.

    Beautiful Results

    Election results are automatically calculated and presented with beautiful charts. Round by Round downloadable PDF's with full vote transfer transparency.

    Secure 256-Bit Encryption

    All elections have SSL (https://) grade security with 256bit encryption that keeps your election and ballots secure.

    Voter Registration

    Let your voters pre register in advance of your election start date

    Simplify your voter data entry and activate the voter registration tool, Choice Voting will authenticate and check that only valid voters are registering for your election.