How-to Guide to create a free online election

How to configure your first Online election

A simple guide to using Choice Voting Online Voting software. It is free to join and create elections up to 20 voters.

To get started you will need to select the add New Election option on your dashboard.

Online Voting platform software

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Total Cost: GBP 0.00

Preparation Needed

-The Name of your Online Election
- Your Election Position Names
- Your Candidate names and details
- Your Voters names and details

Required tools:

- A Computer.
- Internet connection.
- Election data and information

Steps to configure the Election

Step 1 : Create a new Online Single Election

For a simple single election, you will only need to add a new single election, master Elections allow you to group a set of single elections together.

Begin by clicking the - Add new Election - button on your dashboard.

Add a new single online election
Step 2 : Enter the basic election information

You will require basic information to setup your election, these include

  • Election title
  • Election description
  • Election start and end dates
  • The Timezone for your election
create your first online election
Step 3 : Configure the election settings.

After you have created your election, head to the settings menu to configure the remaining options for your election. These settings include

  • Your Election details and messages
  • Voter settings
  • Results settings
  • The option to Archive an election for later use.
Choice Voting election settings
Step 4 : Enter the positions you wish to include in your election

Adding positions is an important step, without a position, you cannot add candidates to those positions in your election. Your positions have a number of options available to you.

  • Name of position in your election
  • The count method you wish to use for this position
  • How many seats will be filled in this position

you may also limit the number of candidates that a voter may select for each position

Adding a new position in an election
Step 5 : Add candidates to your election

Candidates are a significant part of an election. Once you have created your positions, you may then add your candidates to the relevant positions in your election. There are a number of options available.

  • Candidate photo if required
  • The candidates position
  • Candidate name
  • Candidate Manifesto

You may also import the candidates from a pre prepared csv file.

Adding candidates to an election
Step 6 : Add voters to your election

Adding voters is the final step in preparing your election, this can be done manually or by importing a prepared csv file. Choice Voting will organise your voters for you, and prepare unique voter keys and passwords. Each voter requires...

  • A voter name
  • A voter ID
  • A voter Key
  • an optional voter email address if you wish Choice Voting to inform voters of the election information.


How-to add voters to an election