Managed Elections

If you are looking for assistance in running your online voting event or maybe you would prefer fully serviced management of your election, our managed election service is the answer.

Choice Voting staff are professional online voting experts and have developed best practices specific to each industry.

You can relax in the knowledge that any election is being fully managed by a company that specializes in online voting.

How We Manage your Elections

Choice Voting will assign a consultant to fully manage your voting activity.

Your unique point of contact will work with you to make sure that your election is set up correctly and meets your organisations requirements. After a preliminary interview your consultant will put together a plan that sets out your requirements, tasks and deadlines to complete specific election setup milestones.

Our Staff will then set up the Choice voting system working to the specifics required by your organisation. This will normally include adding your own branding to the voting website, creation of your election positions, candidates and voters.

Where required, we may also generate the unique voter passwords for each voter, or we can even integrate choice voting with your organisation's existing authentication method, such as a staff login portal, or student portal, if this is not required we can schedule mass emails containing voting instructions.

Your election consultant will always provide previews of the online voter selections screens and any communication materials for your feedback and approval.

During the election, Choice Voting will also actively monitor the election to ensure that everything is working as intended.

Choice Voting will manage daily election administration and report on election statistics and turnout figures.

At the end of your election, Choice Voting will provide the voting results in PDF format, with round by round results, direct to your election administrator.