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Create an online STV - IRV / ATV election for your University, school or organisation. Your voters can vote online easily and securely anywhere and on any device.

Deliver a Perfect Online Voting Experience

For 15 Years we  have worked with Student Unions, Universities, Schools, charities and Business to enable them to manage unlimited Online Voting elections using STV and IRV counting methods.

Key Features

A wide array of features to deliver the best images to your users with minimal effort

Send Information to Voters

Provide an email address for voters and we can email them credentials when your election launches.

Remove candidates

If necessary, you can remove a candidate from the ballot once voting has ended and Choice Voting will recalculate the results accordingly

Election results

Election results are automatically calculated and presented with beautiful charts. Round by Round downloadable PDF's with full vote transfer transparency.

Count Methods

The counting procedure conforms to the Electoral Reform Society’s ‘ERS97’ Single Transferable Vote guidelines and deals with multiple RON candidates, withdrawing candidates transferring any surplus.

Multiple Elections

Election results are automatically calculated and presented with beautiful charts. Round by Round downloadable PDF's with full vote transfer transparency.

Portal Login

Choice voting allows you to validate your voters against your own corporate or educational website login. No data entry required.

Locked Positions

Position voting can be open to all voters, or locked to specific voters only

Locked Candidates

Lock candidates from being selected in a vote for a specified time and date period.

Secure 256-bit Encryption

All elections have SSL (https://) grade security with 256bit encryption that keeps your election and ballots secure.

Building an Online Election is Simple

Create Your Elections

Create unlimited elections in your dashboard, they can be single elections or even grouped elections with a single login for your voters. Elections can all run independently of each other at a time and date you specify

Add Candidates & Voters

Insert or bulk import your candidate data, and assign each candidate to a position, Include Candidate photo, manifesto data or even video.

You control who is eligible to vote in your elections. Add voters one-by-one, or import them from a spreadsheet, or even reference a corporate web portal for voter eligibility to vote (Talk to us regarding this feature)

Launch Your Election

You are ready to go, launch your election and share the unique election URL with your voters, or let Choice Voting email your voters for you.

Instant results & Statistics

Election results are generated instantly at the close of election, you may choose to publicly display your election results, or download them as a document for publishing.

Monitor how well your election is performing with interactive statistics on every position in the active online Election.

Beautiful Online Voting Experience

Your Voters will love the experience, perfectly crafted for easy voting.

Perfectly designed for any device, anywhere

You'll be in good company

Join these organisations who have already chosen flexibility and simple to set up online voting software, with Choice Voting

Some Words From Our Customers

Justin Turner

We have used other election service providers in the past but have always felt we were paying a premium to support services we didn’t need or use and were considering building our own system to mitigate these ongoing costs.  We found however that the Choice Voting platform had very cost effective pricing whilst still meeting our data protection requirements and have recently run our regional volunteer elections with their service.  We were extremely happy with the service and the extremely prompt and proactive support went far beyond what was expected to ensure that our first election was a success.


We will definitely be using this service in the future.

Liam Jarnecki

Bournemouth University

The simplest, but most featured, voting system we have used.

Rhiannon Brobyn

University Of Exeter

We used Choice Voting to find representatives for each of our colleges to sit on our academic governing committee, Senate. The system was easy to use and set up and the support was brilliant. Our voters commented on how user friendly it is and the results are easy to read. I would recommend to anyone needing to set up elections on an easy-to-use platform for a great price.


West Harris Trust

When faced with the daunting task of running an election for our Community Trust, Choice Voting was there to help.  With an easy to use website and immediate online and telephone assistance, we were shown and guided every step of the way.  We would definitely use again if the situation arose, and we would not hesitate in recommending Choice Voting to smooth you through your election process.

Karen P.

AECC University College

AECC University College used Choice Voting for the first time this year to conduct a number of elections onto our committees. We’ve just moved to a single transferable voting system and knew we needed a system to support that – and I’m very glad we chose Choice Voting. The system is clear and user friendly and I also received excellent support from the team during the set up phase; I felt confident in my choice. Users have also been very complimentary of the system too, with many saying “thank goodness we’ve gone electronic!”

As the Returning Officer, it saved me significant time (and paper) and voter engagement was higher than previous paper based ballots. All in all an excellent product which we will use again in the future.

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