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Rapidly Create Online Elections, Polls & Referendum.

Choice Voting lets you easily create online elections for your organisation in less than 5 minutes!

Allows your members to vote online, easily, and securely anywhere and on any device

Top Rated satisfaction by our users

See why these organisations, and many others use Choice Voting as their online election software

Labour Party Online Voting
Trade Union Online Voting

Manage Unlimited Elections in one space. With an average cost of just £35

Begin collecting votes in minutes, it's simple to setup, no experience required.

Using a fair, low cost, Pay as You Go method, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Choice Voting is excellent value, offering a lower cost than traditional postal methods of voting.

  • Example. 250 members postage 2nd class Royal Mail (SAE) = £330 VS Choice Voting = £54
  • Students' Union Online Voting Software
    Political Party Online Voting Software

    Choice Voting is packed with

    powerful vote management features

    Voter Notifications

    Instant voter notification via email as soon as your election is open to voters.

    One-Click Links

    Rather than using a login or password, let voters login with a secure, unique link.

    Branded Voter Portals

    Upload your logo and retain organisational branding.

    Pay As You go

    Register for just one election, or launch as many as you need, flexible and affordable pricing.

    Candidate Profiles

    Showcase headshots, statements & manifestos.

    Web App Access

    Choice Voting election software is fully accessible from a browser - no app to download.

    Secure and 100% Private

    Bank Grade security with full PII Encryption, and we NEVER share or sell your voter data.

    Instant Results

    No manual counting or waiting for your results. These are available instantly when your election closes.

    Hybrid Voting

    Go fully online, or mix and match online and offline ballots in one simple to use system.



    Single Transferable Voting (STV)

    Instant Run-off Voting (IRV)

    Approval Voting

    Referendum Voting

    Do It Yourself or Book a Managed Service

    Exceptionally Powerful,  Simple-To-Use, and Incredibly Configurable.

    We are passionate about giving your members a voice. 99% of our customers return and launch multiple elections, whilst enjoying a significantly higher voter turnout compared to traditional methods of voting.

    See how the setup process works.

    Online Voting Made Simple.

    A Quick, simple and intuative experience that your members will love.

    Intuative Voting experience
    Anonymous voting
    Audited Activity Logs
    No Ads or Marketing
    No Software to install
    Passionate support
    Industry Standard Security

    Powerful Features Built In

    Build & Launch Elections With Ease.

    With over 200 features built in, you can be sure you have the tools you require to create a perfect election experience.

    • Easy to use and understand.
    • Extensive Support and documentation
    • Over 1 Million votes counted

    Custom Emails

    Maintain your brand with customisable email notifications for your voters.

    Anonymous Voting

    Only voters know who they voted for. Administrators see the results, but not the choices made.

    Highly Configurable

    From Complex Elections, to simple approval polls, make any kind of election.

    Use any Device

    There is nothing to install or download, voting works in any modern browser..


    Publish a beautiful voting experience for your members in just 5 minutes! *

    Create An Election.

    Create unlimited elections in your dashboard, they can be single elections or even grouped elections with a single login for your voters. Elections can all run independently of each other at a time and date you specify.

    Add Your Candidates & Voters.

    Insert or bulk import your candidate data, and assign each candidate to a position, Include Candidate photo, manifesto data or even video You control who is eligible to vote in your elections. Add voters one-by-one, or import them from a spreadsheet, or even reference a corporate web portal for voter eligibility to vote.

    Launch Your Election.

    You are ready to go, launch your election and share the unique election URL with your voters, or let Choice Voting email your voters for you.

    See your results.

    Election results are generated instantly at the close of election, you may choose to publicly display your election results, or download them as a document for publishing. Monitor how well your election is performing with interactive statistics on every position in the active online Election.


    The Labour Party

    Like lots of other organisations in recent months, we had to quickly move work online that would usually be done in person. We have found Choice Voting an intuitive and secure way of running complex ballots. Credit in particular to the customer service team who have gone out of their way to help us and provide us with some bespoke training materials.
    Choice Voting Labour PartyT

    Where Choice Voting Is Used

    School Governor Online Elections

    School Governor online voting is not only helping with the current Covid-19 restrictions, but there is an important cost and environmental consideration for providing an online voting experience for your schools parents. Voting software allows parents to vote at a time and place that is convenient to them, with minimal administration time for you.

    Online Voting in an AGM Software
    Online Voting in an AGM

    Helping with Covid-19 Restrictions, conduct real time polls or elections during your AGM, self managed, or fully managed options are available.

    Sport and Social Cubs Online Election software
    Sport and Social Cubs Elections

    Choice Voting can help you keep your Sports or social club voting commitments with your members. With Choice Voting you can create an election that allows your voters to vote wherever they are.

    Student Union Online STV Elections
    Student Union Elections

    Voting software for your Students' Union, increase student participation during your full time officer elections.

    Charity Governance Online Voting software
    Charity Governance

    Perfect voting software for online Charity voting, helping you engage with your members, and gather opinions or elect your board members.

    Online Trade Union Election Software Voting
    Trade Union Elections

    Choice Voting can help you engage with your Union members. Use traditional voting methods, or maybe run a member survey. Experience a an increase in engagement, whilst significantly reducing your costs and staffing time spent on conducting elections.

    Professional Help

    20 Years Experience with Online Voting

    Our History →

    Don't worry. There's no need to feel overwhelmed with the prospect of building and managing an online election. Our managed election service can take away those concerns. It maybe a brief demo to get you moving, or a fully managed setup where we look after every aspect of your election for you.

    Training Demo

    Come and see how simple it is to create your online election, our demo session shows you everything you need to know to get started.

    Hybrid Voting

    Enjoy the time and cost saving benefits of online voting, whilst still allowing some heistant members the opportunity to vote using a traditional paper ballot. Choice Voting will combine both online and offline votes into one election for you.

    External Election Scrutineer service

    We can ensure your election has the highest level of trust and scrutiny, if you require a fully independant external scrutiny service, with a Crown Commercial Supplier then get in touch.

    Results Validation

    We can ensure the highest possible election integrity and third-party independence. We certify and deliver voting results to you, and, if needed, directly to your voters.

    Expert Setup with Voter Management

    From dedicated setup, to voter inquiry management, and results certification, we can manage the entire process with you at the centre so that your election is flawless.v


    Working With The Community

    Choice Voting is proud to work with the Plunkett Foundation as a recommended supplier of online voting systems for community businesses.

    *on average a simple election can be created in as little as 5 minutes.